Monday, December 13, 2010

More Thoughts On Education

It seems that educating our children is an important topic! Since it is something that we all care about, how about some more ideas on how to change our system? Where do we start? Writing down our thoughts and sending them to our representatives in Congress is a good idea, but I propose that we take it further and start/participate in a "grassroots" movement to change the way things are set up. It seems that the only way that things are ever going to change is to take it upon ourselves, each and every one of us, to  "manually" change things. This will involve a great amount of energy and participation on the part of everyone involved. No one person can make change happen by themselves. I believe that while it is no small task it is one that can be accomplished no matter what your political preference because it is a matter that concerns all of us whether we have kids or not.
It is time to force our government to act in a meaningful way. Our children are the future and a better public education for them can't wait any longer. It is our money that funds the current system, why not decide how to spend it? Change doesn't have to be drastic either; as I have said before, small changes like doing away with the tenure system would have a big impact. We should have the best teachers for our kids regardless of seniority.
My goal is to get ten good ideas from the readers of this blog and type them up to be sent as an email to President Obama. I would like them to be well thought out and have names attached so you can be given credit for your ideas. Ideas can be posted here as comments or emailed to Regardless of how they are given take the time and share a few more of your thoughts. A few good ideas have already been thrown out there so lets keep on with it. The more ideas the better and the more people that participate the better. Email your friends, share on Facebook and Twitter, and just talk about it with everyone you meet. Let's see what we can do!


  1. I could talk forever about this topic, as you well know! I will keep my response to this post as brief as I can. First, while I agree with you that getting rid of the tenure system would be a decided step in the right direction, I don't think it is a small change. I think that it is a big change that would be fought tooth and nail by the teachers' unions. Next, I would suggest that you read anything by Wendy Priesnitz (we have a few of her books in our library system that I could get for you, if you were interested). She also has a website and Life Learning Magazine is on Facebook.

  2. It is a big change politically but is a small change in reality. Revamping the entire system I would view as a big change. I will have to check out Wendy Priesnitz when I have more time for reading...

  3. The topics on education are really endless. There are different viewpoints, but as to manually change things, parents must encourage their children everyday to do good in school and how it will affect their lives in the future. Self-studying during vacation is a good way of continuing education. It's about time that we teach our kids to double their efforts in discovering new knowledge that may help them as they grow older. And, who knows, they might be the ones who will be able to solve the problems in the government and economy.


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