Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Promise of Change

Now that he 2010 election is over many of us are left wondering what the future will hold. Will the Republican promise of change have any meaning in two more years? Will the Republican party be willing to compromise and work with a Democratic Senate and President? One thing that is encouraging is the influx of new lawmakers with a lot of new ideas and the motivation and energy to get things done. I am hopeful for this country that they don't hit to many road blocks and are able to do something constructive with all this energy that is not damaging to the economy or the middle class.
I do believe that the Democrats were caught in a political cross fire that was planned by the Republican Party for the last two years. By snubbing the Democratic majority's every idea and digging in their heels they set the backdrop for yesterdays big Republican wins. They knew and many have admitted off the record that the economy was not going to get better in just two years and that by biding their time and stalling they would be well positioned to win in 2010.  It is saddening that they couldn't be more productive with their time and our money.
I am willing to set all this aside though and give the benefit of the doubt. I am of the thought that like me most Americans are sick of the political bickering and just want to move forward regardless of what party is in power. In the past good things have happened when government powers have been divided; after all that is what makes our government so great. With a wider range of ideas in the pool and no one power able to "push" their ideas ahead there is more likely to be meaningful compromise that draws the whole Congress to the middle.
I truly believe that we do have a government that can work for the people . I also believe that issues like health care and wall street reform are important and should NOT be repealed or blocked. In the interest of moving forward I hope that the new Republican House majority can put aside partisan fighting and realize that their are many people out here that want these new laws. Only time will tell what will transpire but we can only hope that the people will prevail and that the government will be able to move forward in a bipartisan way.


  1. Good thoughts. I hope things happen that put us in the right direction but am skeptical and worried that we'll be going backwards even further now.

    At least Linda McMahon didn't win here in CT.

  2. What Becky said. I want everyone to work together to get along and keep and open mind to new ideas. You never know who might come up with something good that may help.

  3. Yeah I was following the CT race too and I am happy to see that money can't buy everything! I too am worried that we are going to move backward but you have to look at the positive side. I think that Republicans and Democrats will be forced to work together now because neither side will be able to get anything done if they don't. I am hopeful that some good ideas will come out of this.


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